Automated Lead Generation System for Energy Suppliers

In a manual world, a sales rep has a service to sell.  He researches firms that may need his service – perhaps going through the phone book or doing searches online. He then ‘cold calls’ these prospects on the phone to qualify them. He must get beyond a gatekeeper (the receptionist), identify the decision maker, and determine if there is an interest.

A better solution is the Q TouchPoint System’s automated process that drives a steady stream of qualified leads to your organization.



Put qualified leads in the hands of a salesman so he spends more time in front of live prospects that have an interest in his services.



Quality Letter Service utilizes the ‘Q Approach’ with the Q TouchPoint System to automate the lead generation process

  • Target your audience by analyzing data to understand who buys your service and why do they buy it.  Provide a compelling reason for them to use your service - You offer energy at a lower price than Con Edison and your other competitors.

        Businesses and Consumers are targeted based on a range of demographic criteria.

  • Get their attention by creating a Personalized Picture Card that has a relevant custom image for each recipient. – a picture of a light bulb with the recipient’s name, or firm name, across it, for example.
  • Drive a response from Qualified Leads with a special free and relevant offer - “insider information” is ideal.   Offer the recipient a free report that compares your power rates with Con Edison and other energy suppliers in the recipient’s area.

The response is trackable when you use our Online tools.. The recipient is directed to use a Personalized URL (PURL) that leads him to a custom landing page that prompts for an Email address in order to receive a free energy savings report.  The report is then delivered along with a cover letter describing your services.

  • Manage the sales process consistently.  When Account Representatives are notified via E-Mail in real-time of every new lead, they must follow up with phone calls, mail, and E-Mail communication to keep in touch with each qualified buyer. This keeps your name a the  forefront.

An online ‘contact manager’ records each step of your sales effort.  This resource provides comprehensive summary reports to track your results over time.



An Automated Lead Generation System will help your organization grow its sales.

  • It makes Account Representatives more efficient by producing qualified leads
  • It has the ability to increase or decrease the continuous flow of qualified sales leads at any given time based upon the volume you chose to mail and your ability to respond.

  • Response is trackable so you can measure the effectiveness of any campaign at any time.


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