Bank Street College Education Campaign

Quality Letter Service has produced Bank Street College’s fundraising appeals for many years. In meetings with the client, they expressed an interest in finding ways to [1] reduce the cost of printing and mailing the annual Dean’s Report (a “State of the College” address) and, [2] survey their Alumni to learn more about their experiences and interests.  Quality Letter worked with the College to design a Multi-Channel Integrated Marketing Program to address these needs.



  1. Encourage Alumni to read Dean’s Report Online eliminating printing and mailing costs and demonstrate ‘going green'
  2. Survey – (1) Get feedback on effectiveness of their education; (2) Find out what programs individual Alums were interested in supporting.
  3. To encourage Alumni Involvement, a raffle was offered with a chance to win a digital video camera.



  1. Produce a seasonal themed personalized picture card featuring personalized pumpkins showing the recipient’s name carved into the pumpkin.
  2. Using a Personalized URL (PURL) to a custom landing page, Alumni were directed to read the Dean’s Report, respond to survey questions, and enter a raffle to win a digital video camera.  Each alumni also had the opportunity to respond/enter using a QR Code on their smart phone.
  3. Those with an E-Mail address were sent a message directing them to click through to a custom landing page.   Non-responders received a follow-up E-Mail 2 weeks later.
  4. Upon completion of the program, the College held the raffle drawing, videoed the event, and posted the video online so that Alumni that participated could watch the raffle drawing. View video.



  • Exceeded the client’s expectations
  • Reduces the printing and mailing costs
  • Received numerous complimentary Alumni comments


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