ColorSafe IV Lines Lead Generation Program

Today in most hospitals, clear intravenous (IV) lines are used for patient medication and it is difficult to differentiate and trace each IV line when there are multiple medications used to treat a patient. This can lead to medication errors.

ColorSafe IV Lines® has launched a new innovative product – color tinted IV tubes – which make it much easier to safely trace and administer multiple medications.

Quality Letter Service designed and executed an integrated marketing program to introduce ColorSafe IV Lines to hospitals using personalized images to get attention, a custom landing page to drive response, and personalized URLs (pURLs) and QR Codes to engage the recipient via smart-phone.



Marketing to hospitals is very challenging. Major distributors have a stronghold on most of the market and introducing a new product requires significant policy decisions to buy.

ColorSafe IV Lines® contracted Quality Letter to create a lead generation program to feed their sales pipeline with qualified buyers for their new product line.



The lead generation program was designed to introduce the brand to New York and New Jersey hospitals and generate qualified leads for follow up by a sales representative.



  1. Send a targeted mailing to key hospital professionals in select positions at hospitals in New York and New Jersey.   The mailing included a series of 4 Personalized Picture Cards with the recipient’s name or hospital name, mailed 2 per week over a 2-week period, to prompt a response.  The cards contained a QR Code for the recipient to view an online video on his/her smart-phone.
  2. The QR Code used a PURL to send the lead to a custom landing page where they were prompted to confirm basic contact detail and allowed to request additional information.  A link was sent via E-Mail to enable them to download the requested documents.
  3. The Sales Rep called responders to follow up, acquired more detailed information, and fulfilled requested literature.  All leads were contacted, including QR Code hits.



The program launched in February 2011   Qualified leads have responded using both the PURL and QR Codes and Sales reps are contacting them to set up appointments.


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