Define the Target Audience

Hitting the target- it's a fundamenal goal whether you're playing darts, target shooting, or developing a marketing campaign.

When you design a campaign using our robust data sources and the latest analytic techniques, we help you to zero in on who you want to reach and how to find them

  • Prospects: Create target groups by selecting demographic characteristics  (Geography, Industry, Size of firm, etc.) with a certain profile or select customized mailing lists that are the best match for the program
  • Customers: Analyze their marketing behavior and communication trends (Purchase/Donation history, Customer Satisfaction feedback, Site visits/registrations‚Ķ) to better understand their preferences and needs
  • Demographic Lists: Beyond traditional pre-determined demographics (i.e. zip code, age, household income, home value, etc.), we use predictive modeling techniques to analyze your best customers/donors, match them against our database of known demographic characteristics and provide mailing lists of individuals that are similar to your key audience.
  • Modeling: Send us any customer list and we will use predictive modeling to find prospects just like them for any Direct Mail or Email program. Discover why so many of our customers are having success using these techniques.