Lead Generation

It starts with research – using our marketing data to identify the audience profile of the sweet spot of your target market.  Then our experience and creativity come in to play to answer these key questions – What approach will engage this group?  What offer will strike a chord?  Which channels are the best to reach them?

The Quality Letter Service team is expert at the fundamentals – crisp copy, quality printing, and efficient fulfillment.  Because of that, you'll get the benefit of new, breakthrough ideas – customized landing pages, personalized gifts, timely mobile messages with QR codes – and the Q TouchPoint System to turn concepts into actions. 

Quality Letter Service helps you find, qualify, and deliver a steady flow of the best prospects in your target market and then watch as their contact and sales rates noticeably improve.

Case Studies

See the following case studies for powerful examples of Lead Generation programs in action.

Colorsafe IV - Case Study

Energy Suppliers - Case Study