Q Services

Quality Letter Service puts the art and science of marketing in your hands. We use our 'Q Approach' as the roadmap and are with you at every step, from concept to delivery, using some of the following services along the way:

  • Designing the creative for a Postcard or Package
  • Using our data expertise to select the target audience
  • Personalizing  a 4 Color image on any material
  • Integrating the direct mail drop with a follow-up Email launch

Our support doesn’t end when the marketing material reaches the target.  ‘Test, Learn and Improve’ is our motto and we accomplish this with extensive measurement of campaign results, response analysis (including Open Rates, Click Through Rates, Conversion Rates, etc.) and financial reporting that illustrates how to adjust your marketing spend - invest in tactics that are working, drop the ones that aren’t.

Utilize our full suite of tools to plant the seeds of your best ideas, and then apply our experience to help nurture and grow your business.