Custom Landing Pages/Microsites

Getting the attention of your target audience is one of your greatest challenges. Custom landing pages/microsites make it easier. Page content is specific to each individual based on an offer and message that drives greater response. 

Demographic detail gathered during the targeting stage presents content and images that will strike a familiar chord—a skier gets vacation offers to mountain resorts and images of powdery slopes; a poodle owner receives a coupon offer for food with photos of poodles; homeowners in Florida receive tips on reducing air conditioning costs using photos of southern homes.

Personalized URLs or PURLs are a favored method for directing recipients to custom landing pages/microsites. The PURL typically contains their name (i.e. and is included in all marketing pieces. When entered into a browser or clicked, the recipient is taken directly to their custom landing page and can react quickly to offers and information requests.

A key benefit—the ability to track visits, page navigation history, length of stay and more. The visit confirms that you got the attention of the recipient and compelled them to respond.  Once on the custom landing page, all activity is tracked and an appropriate follow-up action by your organization can be taken.