QR Codes (Quick Response)

A QR Code is a 2-dimensional barcode that can be read by any smart-phone with Internet access (i.e. iPhone, Blackberry, Android). With a simple app, the user just takes a picture of the code and can receive text, a phone number, an SMS message, or be immediately directed to a web site.

Imagine you receive a card in the mail. You take your smart-phone out of your pocket and snap a picture to scan. The QR Code takes you to a web page. It could be a page to buy a product you are selling. Or, it could be a video of a performance which then takes you to a page pre-populated with your name/address information to buy tickets. We’ve turned the “Mail moment” – that thrill you got when you opened your mailbox – into an Internet moment!

QR Codes are becoming increasingly used to improve response for Fundraising campaigns.

Consider the possibilities:

  • A performance organization sends out a post card promoting a concert. The recipient just clicks to scan the QR Code on the card and she is sent directly to a YouTube video preview of the concert.
  • A non-profit organization sends out a solicitation to promote their walk-a-thon. Rather than including all of the details in the mailing, they include a QR Code so the recipient has instant access to information on the event.
  • A museum, zoo or botanical garden could use QR Codes around their facility to provide information about each exhibit. This could be text, graphics, audio or video.
  • A charity mails out an appeal and includes a QR Code for more information on the appeal theme, the organization, or for a donation page. As each QR code can be personalized to the recipient, the specific ask amounts seen online will match those asked of each individual donor.
  • Scavenger hunt event – A non-profit organizes sends participants all over the city being directed by QR Codes posted in different places.