Database Management

The most important part of any marketing campaign is reaching the right people to respond to your offer. We provide systems that allow you to track every TouchPoint – every mailing, every E-Mail, every response, every communications effort.

We also cleanse your data to help you yield optimal results. Our merge/purge systems dedupe your list so you are not wastefully mailing multiple pieces to the same individual, family or company. Suppress people you don’t want to reach on a given effort (i.e. suppress your current clients from a prospect mailing). We skillfully enhance your data to convert it to upper/lower case, spell out abbreviations, add punctuation, and Genderize to add Mr./Ms. – bringing your data from “computer data” quality to “hand-typed” quality.

Some of the specific Database services we offer are:

  • Merge/Purge: To dedupe (mail one per company, household, individual), or to suppress (i.e. delete customers from prospect mailing, delete deceased people from mailing, etc.)
  • National Change of Address (NCOALink-48): Service to update addresses for moves in the last 4 years. A requirement for discounted presort mail to be done (or other USPS approved process) within the last 93 days prior to mailing. A good mailing practice to get more of your important mail into the recipient’s hand instead of bounced back, forwarded or disposed. Each mail-piece properly delivered is an opportunity.  Each mail-piece not propertly delivered is a lost opportunity.
  • CASS Certification: Processing to assign Zip+4 codes and process mailing for maximum postal discounts. Internally produces reports and bagtags for mail preparation.
  • Data Enhancement: Convert name and address from “computer data quality” to “hand typed quality.” If the envelope is never opened because it looks like a mass mailing then it does not matter what it says on the inside. Converts name and address information to upper/lower case (MCINTYRE to “McIntyre”, MACDUFF to “MacDuff”), spells out abbreviations (“ST” to “Street”, AV to “Avenue”),  adds punctuation (period after initial, comma before “Jr.” or “Sr.”), and genderizes (“Mr.” assigned to “John”, “Ms.” to “Mary” but no appellation to ambiguous names like “Pat” or Chris”).