Measurement & Analytics

An agency executive had a status meeting with his client and gave him the following 'good news' - 'bad news' report:  'The good news is that 50% of our marketing tactics are performing well... the bad news is we don't know which 50%."

By using our 'Q Approach' for each marketing campaign, we eliminate the mystery.  You will always have your finger on the pulse of every strategic tactic, by market segment, by creative, by offer, and by channel.  

Defined tracking codes for each market cell, personalized URLs (PURLs), and E-Mails with custom landing page links allow us to report on the activity of each individual target - who opened which communication, who responded and by which channel, and who ultimately purchased a product or service.

With the ability to track each individual back to the creative that they received, response by each tactic can be evaluated.  This analysis drives your marketing budget decisions - put more money into those tactics with the best response rates, and redirect your spending away from tactics that are not working.

Response Rates, Cost per Click, Return on Investment (ROI) - These and other key performance indicators (KPI's) are part of the post campaign analysis and review that is performed on every campaign we manage.  We'll work with you to clearly illustrate how well the planned campaign strategy worked, and how results can be improved in the next version.