Prospects & Customers

In order to unleash the power of your Marketing Campaign creative concepts,  you must have high quality, detailed data about your prospects and customers to understand and reach your target audience.

The history of interactions with your existing customer base is a treasure trove of information to be mined for details.   Every site visit, E-Mail response, phone call, or event attended leaves a trace of what that individual was looking for at that particular moment.   Look for the patterns and anticipate what they need and will ask for next.

Identifying an ideal Prospect audience takes more time and research and requires casting a wider net.  One approach is to analyze the key demographic and behavioral characteristics of your customers, and then build an acquisition model to find more people like them.  This is known as a 'look-a-like' prospect model.

Gathering survey responses or other types of primary research is another proven method for learning the nuances of prospects.  Once this data is analyzed and contact info is matched and appended, creative elements and messages can be tested to see how accurate the targeting strategy was.   When you crack the code on the combination of message, channel, and offer that draws the most response, you will see communication frequency and sales numbers rise.

Take advantage of your customer and prospect data and test as much as possible so you can adjust your tactics and improve the efficiency of your marketing.