Campaign Design

Campaign Design is all about who, what, and how - who to target, what offer would entice them, and how can they be reached on their preferred communication device.

The Quality Letter Service 'Q Approach' will take the guesswork out of campaign design:

  • Define the target audience:  Use our robust data sources and the latest analytic techniques to zero in on who you want to reach and how to find them.
  • Get their attention:  Use assembled profile data or available customer history to communicate on a personal level, using a series of relevant messages, over a short time period, with a specific call to action.
  • Encourage a response:  Offer consumers compelling content and the opportunity to engage with you on their channel of choice.
  • Offer something of value:  Present relevant content and offers when the target responds to encourage an ongoing exchange of ideas and information.
  • Route the lead:  Qualify each prospect that has shown an interest in a product or service and designate a marketing contact to initiate the sales process.
  • Measure the results:  Provide regular summary reports with detail on the progress of the program, by channel and by target group.  Apply key learnings from each program when developing the strategy for the next stage of the program.