Non – Traditional Printing

Tradition:  n.  1. The knowledge, customs, and practices passed down from generation to generation.   

Tradition is a powerful force in both cultural and business situations.

However, there is a pressing need these days to break the mold and differentiate yourself not only from what you've typically done, but what others are doing.

Non-Traditional Products is an area where a novel concept can come off the drawing board and into light.  In this category, there are  virtually an unlimited world of ideas to experiment with.  Some examples from this category in the NYC area are:

  • Messages on the face of the staircase in front of Lincoln Center
  • Images and words projected on the ceiling of Grand Central Station
  • A large banner across a trade show booth at the Javits Center
  • An interactive kiosk at the new Meadowlands stadium

Come and brainstorm with us about your non-traditional marketing ideas and together we'll figure out a targeting strategy, eye- catching design,  and a cost effective way to make it happen.