Photocopying has come a long way since the Xerox Corporation introduced the first xerographic copier, the Model A, in 1949.

Quality Letter Services provides the latest in digital copying technology.   With digital copying, the copier effectively consists of an integrated scanner and laser printer. This design has several advantages, such as automatic image quality enhancement and the ability to "build jobs" (that is, to scan page images independently of the process of printing them). Some digital copiers can function as high-speed scanners; such models typically offer the ability to send documents via email or to make them available on file servers.

A great advantage of digital copier technology is "automatic digital collation." For example, when copying a set of 20 pages 20 times, a digital copier scans each page only once, then uses the stored information to produce 20 sets.  An analog copier is much less efficient, scanning each page 20 times (a total of 400 scans) and making one set at a time.