Soliciting Annuities and Other Deferred Giving Programs

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Guide Dog Training Programs

Annuities and other Deferred Giving methods are programs that offer the donor a financial incentive in return for their donation.  This type of giving can be made more attractive to the donor audience by making it easy for them to understand and calculate the financial benefits of their charitable contribution.



Quality Letter Service can help your organization market deferred giving programs by designing new programs that engage your contributors and encourage them to become more involved and supportive of your organization. 



  • Encourage the donor to make a substantial contribution to the training of one or more guide dogs.
  • The program will emphasize both the emotional contact between the donor and your cause, as well as the practical benefit that the donor will receive.
  • The set up and execution of the program to prospects consists of two (2) direct mail solicitations, utilizing Personalized Picture Cards, with web response to a custom landing page linked via a Personalized URL (PURL).



  • Initial Mailing: Design and print a Personalized Picture Card with the recipient’s name in the body of the picture. 
  • Set up Personalized URLs (PURLs) to direct recipients to a pre-populated custom landing page with their current information.
  • Design of a custom landing page for your solicitations containing an online annuity calculator.  Respondent will enter the appropriate information into the calculator to determine the return on a deferred gift annuity.  (The calculator link is below)
  • Respondents can also reply by phone for assistance with the calculator or any other issues.
  • A follow up personalized letter will be mailed along with a Personalized Picture Card as an additional “lift note” to encourage more response.


Click here for a demonstration of an online annuity calculator to integrate with your Planned Giving program.


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