Valentine’s Day Raffle Program

Quality Letter Service promotion: Valentine's Day Raffle Program

Quality Letter Service recently implemented a unique program that not only thanked our customers for their business in a personal way, but engaged them across many channels to begin a dialog about their lead generation needs. 




Create a program that not only delivered a simple gift, but also promoted a lead generation program that demonstrated our integrated product and service offerings.



Send a gift (Valentine’s Day chocolate) with an enter-to-win raffle offer – the recipient follows a PURL to custom landing page to enter for a chance to win a gift card ($50, $75, and $100 value) and Zagat Guide -- Responders confirm the effectiveness of the ‘Q Approach’ and how they can market to their own audience using the same tools.

The highly personalized dimensional package with chocolate included:

  • Label on the outside of a Valentine tin with little hearts spelling out the recipient’s name.
  • On the inside, a fold-over card personalized with heart image.
  • Message on inside of card wishing a Happy Valentine’s Day and encouraging to enter to win.
  • Card was “from” the individual Account Representative that worked with them
  • Under card, wrapped in red and purple tissue paper was a chocolate heart package.

Online response was captured as follows:

  • The recipient followed the PURL to a custom landing page.
  • The custom landing page prompted the recipient to enter his/her E-Mail address
  • Upon submitting, a confirmation E-Mail was sent to the recipient along with a document providing examples of Integrated Programs for Fundraisers and Firms.
  • The Account Rep was immediately notified via E-Mail.
  • The Account Rep followed up within 24 hours of each entry – allowing the recipient time to read the document prior to the call.



  • 80% of the Valentine’s packages were mailed to existing customers
  • 24% of the respondents followed through using the PURL
  • An additional 5% responded “thank you” via E-Mail or with a phone call
  • Many other unsolicited positive responses when we encountered other recipients.



  • All that received the promotion appreciated the chocolate and the gesture!
  • A video of the drawing from our trade show booth was posted on YouTube.
  • All of the respondents were personally contacted by an account representative.
  • Several respondents have placed orders for digital printing services and self-mailer card mailings with personalized images
  • The program was memorable and continues to be a recurring enjoyable topic to discuss.
  • ROI was140% within the first 6 weeks!  Sales continue from these clients.  Additional significant proposals are pending.


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Valentines Day Gift